Art Playdate

Art Playdate

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Hey Guys! I have a space ! Finally! In Sunset Park around the corner from my house! Google Evett's Model Shop. I’m leaving the original sign and the yellow front. The original founders are no longer with us but their grandson stopped by the other day to thank me for keeping the shop exactly as it is on the exterior. I can’t call anything Donald (until you know who is out of office so.... ) Evett’s Model Shop it is.  Now I need you to help me pay college tuition! I'm going to have art playdates or "paydates" you might call them. We can meet at the studio -- make some stuff, chat, compare notes, all while sitting in my new gallery space stuffed with fresh art. It should be fun! Like therapy but you get a signed print at the end! And goodies. Those are a surprise.

Sign up here and I'll see you in the fart gallery.


Paint playdate with pizza party & signed print.


Join a group of 10 people or a private 1-1 session. (Private session dates TBD).