donald drawbertson

KLCC Paris


Something is going on at Chanel.  KL is not looking well.  My favorite illustrator has outlasted them all. He made quick sketches important and drawing everyday a cool thing! Nothing but respect.  Last page of pad 24x36. Paint on cardboard 


Coco Von Trap Print


A very popular painting is now a print because everyone is asking me for one.  Even my daughter @drue.  So here it is.  24x36 ( roughly) fancy paper signed limited edition print.  


Beverly Pills


Neon pink and orange Gaffertape.  Plus sensible grey on canvas slathered in gold.  Was finished until the voices told me to pick up a large brush and add black palm trees.   DO IT! I did it.  5x5 feet.  Magic in person.  


Los Angelos


36 x 36 paint on canvas.

Will contact about additional shipping.

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Rose Gold Drippy Lips


Rose Gold Drippy Lips Step and repeat.  Special commission.  Mazel to my client who’s daughter is having a very artful batmitzvah.   I love this as a backdrop and home it goes after the big night.  5x5 paint on canvas 


Gaffer Lips


I’ve been using tape for ages and then painting lips on top them.  The other day i was messing around and turned two pieces of tape into lips.  Bit of a break thru for me.   Love this new look.  24x24  could be a thing.   This is the beginning.  




Snakes sometimes need 3 or 4 skateboards! It’s true! Bunnies prefer snowboards. BlackRhinos like old fashion skis. Ostriches ride bikes hands free because duh! It’s all in here and more.  Paint on canvas. 4 ft x 3ft

Will contact about additional shipping cost. 


Studio 54


Giving thanks to the goddess of good drips.  Rose gold metallic paint on black painted canvas. This one is a beauty. Imagine who had this mouth! 

36" x 36"


Will contact about additional shipping.


Donald Does Nashville

A creative director from Nashville, Stephanie @clothes_minded_girl called me about a blank wall in desperate need of a good paint job.  It was a busy time for me.  I was at Art Basel with my son Teddy art bombing for the Faena Hotel. Shit! A good blank brick wall is a hard thing to pass up. I had a hi res scan of a new lip painting i was saving for something.  The genius and local kids @eastsidemurals took it, projected it and did me proud. It looks exactly like my painting only huge. I have got to get down to Nashville to high five all involved 


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